Helen Oakes Photographer Some would say we are a funny bunch us kiwis. We use some odd words when we talk. It is our kiwi slang that we pride ourselves in, almost like our own secret language. Foreigners are perplexed at some of the words we use but it is something we learn from when we were brought up.

Some of the slang we use makes no sense to others and even to some of us that speak it, but we all understand each other. Lots of our kiwi slang has double meanings and other countries use the same word but for something completely different.

Stoked is a phrase we use for when someone is excited, pleased or happy about something. However, in other parts of the world stoked is used to refer to someone being high or intoxicated. It is also used when someone is enthusiastic or in an exhilarated state.

There is also another meaning for stoked and that is when you have stoked the fire. Which means to stir up, poke and feed a fire. When you tend to the fire you stoke it and supply it with fuel.

When New Zealander’s use the term stoked we would say ‘I was so stoked to pass my exams’, meaning I was really pleased that I passed. Kiwis used stoked a lot to talk about all sorts of things we are happy and excited about. Just a simple ‘I’m stoked’ is what a lot of us tend to say when something good has happened or about to happen.

If you find you are super happy or excited about something, try using I’m stoked!

As a photographer I’ve always had a passion for creative art and recently I have started to feature some Kiwiana Digital Prints with sayings, words, phrases and colloquialisms.

If you’re a home sick Kiwi living abroad, my artwork may just be an ideal solution for a dose of New Zealand artwork to decorate your home or office.

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