Helen Oakes Photographer Choice is a kiwi slang word that use to get said a lot.

It is more of a retro slang term that can mean many things like, you are happy about something, it’s ok, great, good, fine, awesome or cool. It is used as a positive for things you have done or are going to do and it’s a very versatile phrase used throughout conversation.

Some kiwis even say choice bro, which is slang for choice brother. Bearing in mind bro doesn’t mean that the person you are referring to is necessarily your brother, it is just a term of endearment to talk about a friend or acquaintance. It can even be used when you don’t really know the person.

You would use choice if someone told you they were going on a holiday or planning something fun. For example, ”Hey Paige, we are off to the Gold Coast next week”, then Paige replies, “That’s choice Dana, you’re going to love it”.

Kiwis don’t tend to use choice as much now but it was very popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It still gets used but it is more a blast from the past than a common kiwi slang phrase. As stated prior, choice has many different meanings so it can be used interchangeably in lots of situations.

So next time you are happy about something and you find it great or awesome, slip in a cheeky ‘choice’ and you will probably get a thumbs up and a giggle as well.

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