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Hi, I’m Helen Oakes a Photographer, Entrepreneur, Digital Artist, Blogger and Podcaster.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2007 and I predominantly shoot LifestyleSportsSportraitsPropertyCommercial and Aviation! It’s great being behind the camera but I love post-processing photos too, it’s where all the magic happens.

4 Tips Why You Shouldn’t DIY With Personal Branding Photos

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When you’re in the process of building your personal brand, you know that photos are an essential piece of the puzzle and important to view as an investment.

4 Great Prop Ideas to Use for Your Personal Branding Shoot

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Incorporate props into your personal branding shoot that show what you’re all about. Props can be what you need to bring your personal branding shoot to life.

How to Plan and Prepare for your Personal Brand Photoshoot

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Prepare for your Photoshoot, Connect with your photographer, Communicate what you want, Think carefully about your location, Plan your outfit, hair and makeup.

6 Location Ideas for Your Personal Brand Photography Shoot

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Looking for photoshoot locations for personal branding sessions for creative entrepreneurs? Outdoor/Indoor photography spots. You can capture the perfect photo.

6 Ways Personal Branding Will Help You Grow Your Business?

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To get a website visitor’s attention in an authentic way, our research shows you'll need engaging photos that visually show your personal brand and what you do.

Street Photographer DANNY : DE HEK Shares Tips & Advice

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For years I’ve been trying to justify the fact that I am actually a professional photographer, however just because I don’t get paid for my images, I’ve never thought I could actually claim myself as a professional.

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