Helen Oakes Photographer She’ll be Right is a kiwi slang term that New Zealander’s use to say with regularity. Nowadays it is not so prominent in the kiwi psyche. The phrase is often said as ‘she’ll be right mate’, a term kiwis tend to say when they are talking to others, whether they are a mate or not. The mate just signifies a friendly conversation with someone, even if they haven’t met them before.

The phrase basically means everything will be ok. She’ll be right is said to assure people that even though something isn’t going so well, it will work itself out with time. New Zealander’s tend to have an optimistic look on the problem they are talking about, even if it doesn’t look like a good outcome.

In the context of the phrase, ‘she’ doesn’t necessarily mean a female, it just refers to everything, therefore the term can be used for everyday things.

The term has taken on a less than acceptable meaning in recent years. The ‘she’ll be right’ kiwi mentality can refer to a below adequate acceptance of a object or situation instead of trying to come up with a good fix for something. It is pretty much, that’s ok, anything goes, even if it isn’t great quality. Are we allowing sub-par outcomes when we could find a better answer? It can be classed as a little flippant and a no-worries attitude.

This phrase can also be used when something isn’t perfect but it is good enough to fulfil it’s purpose.

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