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I’m HELEN OAKES a Photographer & Digital Creator.

Helen Oakes Photographer

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2007 and I predominantly shoot PERSONAL BRANDING, COMMERCIALLIFESTYLE,  and SPORTS & EVENTS.  I have PACKAGES available to purchase. Check out my previous shoots in my PORTFOLIO.

It’s great being behind the camera but I love post-processing photos too, it’s where all the magic happens. I pride myself on my editing skills and I have created my own style using my custom made PRESETS and TEXTURES. These are great tools for photographers, bloggers and influencers and are available from my SHOP.

I also make DIGITAL BACKDROPS and DIGITAL TEMPLATES for photographers. The backdrops are high resolution and easy-to-use overlays that enable photographers to composite other images on top of the backdrop. They save time and space as you don’t have to location scout or store and erect large backdrops. The digital templates are completely customizable in Canva and they are used for social media, namely Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

My BLOG provides a forum for photography, travel and all things I’m passionate about. Let’s talk or meet, book a 15min complimentary STRATEGY SESSION.

Discover boundless creativity in our Etsy stores! In our first HELENOAKESNZ, explore digital backdrops that make photography a breeze, eliminating location hassles and unpredictable weather. Easily transform your images into masterpieces from your studio. In our second store, THEDESIGNSTUDIONZ, we welcome design lovers with a range of stunning digital and physical products to elevate your space. Join us on this creative journey.


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