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3 Top Photography Trends

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Gone are the stiff portraits, the sit and smile and contrived poses. Documentary photography is where it is at. Photographer in Christchurch - Online Courses

6 Proven Ways to Boost your Motivation

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How do we maintain motivation to keep us focused and aiming towards our goals or dreams? You know what you want but you have to figure out a way to get there.

Tips to Help You Take Stunning Landscape Photos

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Hundreds of limestone boulders are what will greet you when you arrive at Castle Hill which is located State Highway 73 and between Darfield and Arthur's Pass

West Coast Wanderlust

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The West Coast has so much to offer, rugged coastline, crashing waves, small towns and beautiful scenery. When I travel I tend to take my SONY A6000.

A Beginner’s Photography Guide to Taking Industrial Port Photos

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Industrial areas are interesting places to create amazing photography. Ports, factories, coal yards and manufacturing plants are the best places to visit when you want to take industrial shots.

5 Sunset Tips to Help You Get Magic Photos with Limited Gear

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Whenever you are faced with the opportunity of getting a beautiful sunset, don't think you can't take a shot. Make do with what you have on hand and improvise.

The Power of Editing & What You Can Achieve

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Why settle for a 'nice' or adequate photo when you can get a stunning shot with a little editing. When I say á little editing' it can be very quick and produce a great result.

4 Tips Why You Shouldn’t DIY With Personal Branding Photos

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When you’re in the process of building your personal brand, you know that photos are an essential piece of the puzzle and important to view as an investment.

4 Great Prop Ideas to Use for Your Personal Branding Shoot

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Incorporate props into your personal branding shoot that show what you’re all about. Props can be what you need to bring your personal branding shoot to life.


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