How Showing Up Regularly Bought Me 10x More Clients & Sales

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Being guilty of sitting back and not wanting to be visible has led to a stagnation of business. I knew I had to fix this but I fearful to make myself visible.

When You Don’t Have Industry Contacts – You Need To Do This

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When you don’t know who to contact to get into a certain genre it can stifle your prospects. Contact others that have worked in the area you want to work in.

What to Say When a Client Says: “You’re Too Expensive!”

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As photographers we have all heard this phrase “You’re too expensive”. You will always get objections around your price so don’t take this personally at all.

6 Step Guide to Building a Personal Brand

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Building your personal brand is powerful and can take your career as an entrepreneur to a whole new level. Increase your visibility and get your name out there.


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