Helen Oakes Photographer Are you the type of person that likes to lurk in the background? This was me! I was so much more comfortable staying behind the camera and not being visible. It is something many business professionals I know struggle with. We love having our own business but we don’t want to be in the limelight.

I would always say, “I am behind the camera because I don’t like being in front of it”. I know a lot of people would think photographers are very confident, but some of us are more reserved and are keen to stay in the background. I think I would say I am an introverted, extrovert.

Being guilty of sitting back and not wanting to be visible has led to a stagnation of business. This is something that I knew I had to fix but I was fearful to put myself out there. What if people didn’t like my work? What if they thought I was an imposter? What if they didn’t think I had anything of value to give?

This was me living in a fear mentality and not wanting to change. When you know you have to get out of your comfort zone to get anywhere then you just have to ‘feel the fear and do it’ anyway.

Since I have shown up regularly I have literally 10x my clients. I didn’t think this would be possible but it worked but just being present and showing up consistently.

If you find yourself staying in the background and not wanting to be visible, try these easy tips, they do work:

Show up on Social Media

Ok, we all know we have to be visible on social media but we can be focused on the wrong things. Do you just look at funny cat videos, instead of giving value by writing a post? This is what has to change. Do some value posts on all of your channels. Write one post and use it on each channel you have. Visibility is key.

Be Consistent

We are all guilty of this. We write a post and think that is it, we have shown up and now we can sit back and wait for clients to come to us. It doesn’t happen this way. Showing up consistently with a video, a podcast, posts and other social media will get you noticed. But this has to be on a consistent basis. Everyday is key to what it takes to be seen.

Talk To Others and Interact On Their Posts

Go into your social channels everyday and make comments on other people’s posts. Add value to other people and be willing to give them your knowledge. People will look at you as an authority figure and they will come to you when they want help.

By doing these 3 simple things you will see more people want to connect with you and you will gain more clients.

Let me know what resonated with you.

I hoped this helped show you how being visible can bring you more clients.

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