Helen Oakes Photographer Kiwis use slang words a lot, one we tend to add into a sentence is Sweet As.

Now the funny thing with using this word is that it has no end to the sentence. Maybe you are thinking it is sweet as chocolate or sweet as a baby, but no, it is used without an ending word.

As kiwis we don’t always finish similes. We say sweet as, big as, wet as, light as and you get the idea, any word can be used this way. Someone might say, ‘That is stupid as’, meaning that is really stupid. Understanding the kiwi lingo can get confusing but just use a word and put ‘as’ on the end and you’ve cracked it!

Sweet as is a versatile phrase and can mean many things depending on the context of what you are talking about. It can mean good, awesome, no worries, you’re welcome, nice one, thanks, no problem, all good and many more things.

Because sweet as can mean so many things, it is used in lots of situations. If you aren’t sure what to say when you are having a conversation, sweet as is a sure bet, especially if you are agreeing with someone or are indicating something is all good.

Sweet as is said in a positive way and can be used instead of yes. This phrase isn’t reserved for good friends, you can use it with anyone. Don’t be afraid to give a ‘sweet as’ when you are happy and agreeing with someone or you did something good.

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