Helen Oakes Photographer New Zealand youth love their cars and they love to show them off. Kiwis have a culture of youth driving fast cars, doing burnouts and buying high-performance vehicles. These car lovers have been dubbed hoons or boy racers. Boy Racer is a term New Zealander’s use when they are referring to youth driving fast cars that have been modified with factory fitted parts.

This phrase is synonymous with New Zealand and especially Christchurch. It describes youth or young men that race each other down the road and do burnouts. They have often tinted their windows and have transformed their car to look the part.

The Land Transport in New Zealand has an amendment act that was formed in 2003 known as the Boy Racer Act to curb boy racer behaviour. The National government in 2009 even went as far as augmenting the act to include vehicle confiscation to allow the police to crush or dismantle these cars for parts. This was introduced for offenders that had 3 offences within 4 years.

The law included infringements for youths cruising and having antisocial behaviour. The first offender to have their car crushed was in June 2012. This car is now on display at Auckland’s MOTAT, Museum of Transport and Technology.

Boy racers generally modify their cars, tune them and fit many cosmetic, performance body kits for street racing. They have large, noisy exhausts, loud audio systems and they often lower their cars. The term boy racer is also used in the UK and Australia and sometimes the word hoon is interchangeably used.

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