Helen Oakes Photographer Each year photography trends come and go and some stay a little longer.

This year is no different. Technology changes so fast so it’s no wonder photographic trends seem to change often.

In one way it is nice to see new trends emerging as it makes you think outside the square and change either your shooting habits or your processing repertoire. A few trends to keep an eye on in 2019 are:

Documentary photography is the new black

Trends in Photography Industry Photographer

Gone are the stiff portraits, the sit and smile and contrived poses. Documentary photography is where it is at. Genuine, candid photos convey a more realistic ‘way of life’ photo. Coincidently Mode de vie is French for ‘way of life’. 

Trends in Photography Industry Photographer

Documentary photography is not just for portraits either, it is used in wedding photography, fashion and other genres. Photographers are taking clients onto the streets, into their favourite coffee shops away from the confines of a studio. It gives clients a chance to be in everyday situations which portrays their true personalities.

Vertical photographs for a mobile-friendly audience

A growing trend is a move more towards vertical photos to suit mobile-friendly devices. Nearly three-quarters of total internet traffic is estimated to come from mobile users in 2019. What we need to gain from these stats are that it is super important to have a mobile-friendly website. Most viewers are using their phones to surf the web so this is definitely a trend that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Trends in Photography Industry Photographer

This means that most people will be seeing your suit on a vertical device. Photographers are adopting a vertical format by default because of this very reason. You want your photos to look their best and vertical images look great on mobile. However, you do need to shoot for the genre and look you are trying to portray. Don’t shoot vertical for the sake of it but take on board that most of your images will need to be mobile-friendly. You can always shoot horizontal and crop to vertical if the image works better that way.

DSLR cameras are trending towards a niche camera

DSLR’s are becoming a niche in the photographic industry due to the competition from mirrorless cameras and smartphones. However, if you are serious about photography you will most likely own a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras and smartphones are popular due to their size, weight and technology but they still don’t quite match DSLR’s.

Are DSLR’s fading into the background? No, not at all. Professionals and serious amateurs still will want to use an ergonomic camera with good battery life and a large array of compatible lenses. It depends on what your photographic needs are as to what camera you would prefer to use.

I have a number of different cameras that I use for various shoots. I use two Canon DSLR’s, one for sports photography and one for portraits. I have a SONY mirrorless camera I take travelling, a GoPro for travel, and a smartphone for everyday shots too.

What trends have you seen come and go and do you change your style, camera or editing when new trends emerge?

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