Helen Oakes Photographer A number of people don’t seem to see the value of a professional photographer. They have their own phone cameras, which come to think of it are pretty powerful nowerdays. I think a lot of the resistance comes from trying to save money and doing it yourself. Taking selfies are great to share with your friends and family but not when you want to showcase you and your brand to your potential clients.

Not many people sell their own houses, just to save money or fix their own cars anymore. Why? Because we have professionals for all these jobs. Yes you can save a few dollars but you wont get a professional job done when you do it yourself. So save yourself the stress and realise the value in getting a professional photographer.

When you’re in the process of building and improving your Personal Brand, you know that photos are an essential piece of the puzzle.

It can be tempting to try and take care of your photography yourself but there are a few downsides to going the DIY route.

When you’re building a personal brand, it’s important to view it as an investment. When you build your brand on a strong foundation, you get to reap the rewards later on.

Why a Professional Personal Branding Photographer is a Must

1. You receive high-quality photos
When you hire a professional photographer to assist you with your personal branding photos, you will have access to high-end equipment that produces quality results. Grainy and blurry photos will not help you create the first impression you’re hoping for. Plus, investing in a professional photographer now, will leave you with Professional Photos that you can use across all of your marketing material for years to come, both online and off.

2. Benefit from professional guidance and experience
Professional photographers know how to achieve the best results, which means you get to benefit from this experience. If you’re not used to being in front of the camera, a photographer can provide you with guidance that will ensure your photos perfectly portray what your personal brand is all about.

3. Your photos are professionally edited
Editing software is not only complicated but it can be pricey too. When you hire a professional photographer, they will expertly edit your photos in subtle ways that will highlight your best features. They can get rid of blemishes and imperfections that might stand out in photos.

4. The right lighting is everything
Lighting is an essential component of good photography. By hiring a professional, you will have access to a studio that has the perfect lighting for personal branding photos. A photographer will also have additional equipment such as reflectors, which can also completely change the end result.

Photography might sound like a simple and small part of this journey but it’s important, especially if you want to make a good first impression.

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