We have put together some useful frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to use the CONTACT page.

Do You Offer Refunds Or Returns?2021-08-06T18:00:58+13:00

No. Due to the nature of the product being a digital download we don’t offer refunds or returns. It is industry standard not to return digital products. Please contact us at info@helen.co.nz if you have any concerns or queries about your purchase.

If I Lose My Presets Can I Download More As I Have Already Paid For Them?2021-08-06T18:01:07+13:00

No. Once you have downloaded them it is your responsibility to back them up or archive them to another hard drive or USB for safe keeping.

How Do I Install The Presets?2021-08-06T18:01:15+13:00

When you download the presets they will come with an installation guide to help you.

How Do I Download My Presets?2021-08-06T18:01:25+13:00

Your presets will come in a zipped file and you will be sent a link after your payment has gone through for you to download them.

How Do I Pay For My Presets?2021-08-06T18:01:34+13:00

You can pay via PayPal. You don’t have to belong to PayPal to use this payment system. PayPal accepts credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network and American Express, so you may pay this way too.

Can I Use The Presets On Images I Sell?2022-04-15T13:06:12+13:00

Yes you can as long as your images are flattened.

Can I Share The Presets With Others?2021-08-06T18:01:51+13:00

No. You agree on download that the presets are strictly for a single purchaser and are not to be shared, sold, passed off as your own, copied, repacked or redistributed in anyway.

Do The Presets Work On Pc & Mac?2021-08-06T18:01:59+13:00

Yes, they are compatible for both operating systems.

What Version Of Lightroom Will The Presets Work With?2021-08-06T18:02:09+13:00

The presets work with LR 4 – 6 & they can be used with Adobe Creative Cloud.

What Files Are Compatible With Mdv Lightroom Presets?2021-08-06T18:02:16+13:00

RAW & JPEG files can be used.

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