Love presets, want to save money? Now you have the chance to get 70 pro presets from my other packs all in one bundle saving you almost $30.

This Pro Bundle pack will give you a big library of 70 presets to enhance your portraits and landscapes. Try them with senior portraits, landscapes, street photography and more. This pack will vary in strength and will produce some unique looks. Get creative and give your shots a little lift or plenty of impact.

Pro Bundle includes the following packs:

There are many looks and genres you can play with and you can see more examples of what you can achieve with these presets in the separate Lightroom packs.

MDV presets will save you time and speed up your workflow. They are a great starting point and will work with one click. The best part is they are also customisable so play around a little and discover what effects you can achieve. All the MDV presets work with RAW files and JPEGs and they are compatible with LR4, 5, 6 & CC.