Back in the 70’s are a cool, new set of Lightroom presets from HELEN : OAKES. They will take you back to a time when film and polaroids took on a pinky, purple tone after staying too long in your photo album. This set of 10 presets are great for senior portraits and anything you want to give a nostalgic feel to. Some are hazy, others will give a faded look with muted tones. Some are soft and warm and others are slightly cold. Play around with the lightroom sliders to get the look you want.

These presets will save you time and speed up your workflow. They are a great starting point and will work with one click. The best part is they are also customisable so play around a little and discover what effects you can achieve. All my presets work with RAW files and JPEGs and they are compatible with LR4, 5, 6 & CC, Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile.