Take your photos to another world with the Galaxy Texture Pack from Mode de vie Photography and Photo Presets. This set of 12 high resolution hand made, fine art textures are based on colours and concepts from the galaxy. Add a little pop or a lot and make your images stand out from the crowd. These hand made textures will give your photos a point of difference. Textures often work well with still life, portraits and landscapes.

Use the textures with various blending modes and you will have so many choices and unique looks. Vintage, hazy, contrast and matte looks can all be achieved with textures and many more. Try multiply and darken modes for a darker textured look, or use lighten or screen for a brighter, lighter texture. Overlay is great for adding some contrast and with soft light you get a gentle, soft, hazy textured effect. Erase back part of the texture or tone it down by reducing the opacity. Stack your textures for even more variety and depth. Enlarge the texture or use just part of it. There are many blending modes and ways to experiment with textures so play around and see what you get.

These textures are all compatible with Photoshop and layer programs including Illustrator.